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Scholarships - SMS

  • In order to ensure that only deserving students get on the rolls of the Society it has evolved a carefully drafted scrutiny procedure to identify the suitability of the student and desirability of support. At the moment, there are over 900 students on the rolls of the society. Most of them are receiving education at school level and some of them have moved up the ladder to the training and professional institute of the region.

    The society has been largely targeting the Govt Schools (27 schools, Chandigarh 12 + Panchkula 11+ SAS Nagar 4) for identification, as children with poorer background normally find entry in these schools only. The society has liaison with the school management in each one at these schools. Each school has a Co-ordinator, identified with the help of the Principal, who facilitates the identification of the child and follow up support. After careful scrutiny a deserving child, having good academic potential and keep in pursuing studies, is enrolled with the society for hand holding and a long term relationship. Gap analysis for each child is done and support provided in the form of payment of fee, books, note books, special tutorials or in any other way that facilitates proper studies of the child. The society has resource persons for each school who undertake the responsibility of scrutiny and further mentoring for each child in collaboration with the school coordinator and Principal.